Ala Carte

Oven Baked Lasagna/Pasta

Beef Lasagna/Spaghetti $8.30
Chicken Lasagna/Spaghetti $8.00
Veggie Lasagna/Spaghetti $7.80

Baked Chicken Wings

2 pcs full wings $4.40
3 pcs full wings $6.20
Min 30 pieces $1.80/pc

Log Sandwich

Chicken Log Sandwich $6.20
Tuna Log Sandwich $6.20
Mayonnaise Eggs Log $6.20


Garden Salad $4.20
Caesar Salad $4.20
Chicken Salad $5.20

Grilled Chicken with Fries

Grilled chicken with fries, baked bean, mixed veggie $7.50
Serve with black pepper/ brown sauce  

Seafood Rings

6pcs with dip $4.20

Homemade Garlic Bread Roll


Chicken Cheese Meatball

6pcs with dip $4.20

Chicken Nuggets

6pcs with chili sauce $3.80

Potato Wedges<

250GM $3.30

Fish and Chips

Fish & Chips with Baked Bean & Tartar Sauce $7.20

Pita Bread with Cumin Chicken

Pita Bread with Cumin Chicken $7.50

Baked Rice with Fish/Chicken

Baked Rice with Fish $7.00
or Chicken  
Baked Shepherd's pie $7.50
topped w Cheese  
Baked Beef Lasagna/Spaghetti $8.30
topped w Cheese  


Coke $3.00
Sprite $3.00
Diet Coke $3.00
Green Tea $3.50


Haven's Homemade Dip (30gm/cup) $0.50
Parmesan Cheese (3gm/pack) $0.40
Chilli Flakes (3gm/pack) $0.20

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